It is Sunday morning in lockdown in Melbourne. I am feeling very self- righteous doing my home exercises on my yoga mat in the lounge. The Channel 7 morning show is on with presenters Larry Emdur and Angela Cox. Larry has always seemed to be a handsome, charming, pleasant kind of man whenever I have

The Beauty of Being Single

Being Single Without Shame

I am just an ordinary woman who longs for connection, love and warmth with another. I have been trying to not feel ashamed of this fact, in the face of meeting many single women my age who say they don’t need an intimate love relationship anymore. Sure, I can hold my hand, be a good

A Good Old Feminist Rant

Three recent events in the news have made me think about having a “good old feminist rant “ One was a news story about a well-known man in the football world. This man who resides in Melbourne was having a relationship with the ex-wife of another well-known man in the footy world. Ā The two men

“Conscious Suffering”

A friend sent me an article the other day which impacted me very much. It was one of those restorative moments when the perfect thing comes your way. The author of the article is Kelly Brogan, a psychiatrist who specialises in women’s health. She speaks of how difficult it is to sit with emotional pain,


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About me

Rosalind Lewis

Rosalind Lewis

Professionally I haveĀ 33 years experience as a Clinician, Lecturer, Group Facilitator, Educator and Supervisor in Education, Social Services and Mental Health. I currently live in Melbourne, Australia and work in Mental Health. I have a particular interest in supporting and empowering women and men to be all they can be, by assisting the discovery of tools that help themĀ find strength to transform difficulties into opportunities,Ā enriching theirĀ lives both personally and professionally. I am a New Zealand Registered Psychotherapist with PBANZ, member of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists and have a Masters of Health Science (Psychotherapy) First Class Honours. My research thesis was about the long term consequences of intimate partner violence for women. I am influenced and informed by both my professional experiences and my own personal journey, which has involved many challenges and celebrations along the way.